Ep. 47: Five Ways to Help Your Young Athlete Stay Injury Free

Often we think of injury as a normal part of playing sports and forget about the “ounce of prevention” that can keep our young, athletes safe. According to Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams, “Every 25 seconds an athlete goes to the Emergency Room with an injury…..sports injuries can be prevented.” Dr. Candice and Dr. Williams discuss common injuries in youth sports and what’s more likely to cause them. And finally, they lay out the injury free plan:

-Nutrition and hydration

-PPE (preparticipation physical evaluation) or sports physical

-Warm-up and cool-down

-Proper footwear

-Early detection of injury and next steps

Don’t miss this episode on how to keep your young athlete healthy and injury free!

Thank You, Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams!

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