High Five Discipline: Positive Parenting for Happy, Healthy, Well-Behaved Kids

When confronting the challenge of disciplining their children, moms and dads often default to the ways their own parents disciplined them, sometimes with harmful results. In High Five Discipline, mom and practicing pediatrician Dr. Candice Jones shows parents a better way. Dr. Jones coaches parents to understand their child's developmental stages and their own motivations to create a family discipline plan that manages misbehavior and encourages good behavior. Her advice is packed with developmentally appropriate strategies to tame tantrums, stop sibling squabbles, and reward better behavior to create a calmer, more harmonious home.

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Available for Kindle and Paperback


"My husband and I had our first child and this book is awesome! We struggled with remembering expectations/milestones for our baby monthly! This book helps to ease the pressure we have put on ourselves to be the best parents and allows us to learn what our baby needs from us in the moment (If that makes sense) I love the act like a parent but think like a child. This book is easy to read as well! Good luck parents! " C. Carter

"Excellent book on effective parenting with grace and positivity!!! I recommend this book for all parents!" CeCe Poole

"I was given a copy of High Five Discipline as a gift at least 6 months ago and misplaced it. Praise the Lord I found it and read it in one sitting. I’m a community pediatrician who’ll quote it with my patients and pay it forward by gifting copies to colleagues including parent partners, nurses & community health workers. It not only delivers positive parenting in friendly clear language but also explains the WHY. “Her-story” shows fellow parents that they can choose another more successful approach to parenting than they experienced as children. Bravissima, Dr. Jones!" Mary Beth Miotto