Ep. 103: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Children and Teens

In February, Americans celebrate Heart Month, a time spent focusing on improvement of heart and vascular health for all ages. Areas of focus often include monitoring and controlling blood pressure, managing cholesterol and blood glucose levels, moving more and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, lowering stress, going to doctors visits, limiting alcohol, and quitting smoking.

Another element of cardiovascular health awareness involves individuals born with heart problems and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in athletes. Recently, Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills suffered cardiac arrest on the field. As he has recovered, Mr. Hamlin has used this experience to raise awareness about SCA, appropriate emergency response, and the need for everyone to learn life-saving measures like CPR.

In this episode, Head Team Physician of the Iowa Hawkeyes, Dr. Andrew Peterson joins me to discuss sudden cardiac arrest in children and teens. He shares ways parents and communities can protect kids.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is sudden cardiac arrest ?
  • What are causes of SCA?
  • What symptoms or risk factors caregivers can look out for?
  • What steps should families and communities take to prevent deaths from SCA?

Thank you, Dr. Andrew Peterson!

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“Screening Young Athletes For Heart Disease”