Racism hurts kids

Although we’ve come a long way, racism is still pervasive in today’s society. And as much as we try to protect our kids from it, they are hurt-physically, mentally and emotionally. Therefore, I applaud organizations and individuals who continue to stand up and address the elephant in the room. One such champion, Neonatologist and Physician Scientist, Dr Tamorah Lewis joins me to discuss the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement, “The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health” and her op-med, “The Burden of Having Ears That Can Hear.”

The episode covers:

-What is racism?
-How racism is a core social determinant of health and how it contributes
to health disparity and health inequity.
-Forms in which racism manifest itself in our daily lives.
-How acts of racism hurt All children.
-How pediatricians can help to combat racism to improve the health and well-being
of children and families.
-How parents can talk to their kids about racism and how to handle a racist
-Dr. Lewis shares her experiences as a black woman in medicine that led to her
writing, “The Burden of Having Ears That Can Hear.”
-She gives her thoughts on how to get more “ears that can hear” in the room.

Thank You, Dr. Tamorah Lewis, MD, MPH

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