I haven’t met a child with headaches whose parents aren’t super concerned. They can’t imagine that children get headaches and worry something serious is going on. However, headaches are a very common reason for kids to visit their doctor or even the emergency room. In fact, Pediatric Headache Specialist, Dr. Lauren Strauss says, “Headaches in children can be very normal and does not always mean a brain tumor… Recurrent headaches…have been reported in up to a half of children and… daily headaches… as often as 2-6% of children.”

Dr. Strauss and I discuss what you need to know about headaches in children and teens-from when to worry to how to ease the pain.

The episode covers:

-Headache basics
-Types of headaches and associated symptoms
-Evaluation and diagnosis of headaches
-How headaches can be prevented
-Treatment of headaches
-When to see a headaches specialist/neurologist
-Warning signs-when to go to the emergency room

Thanks, Dr. Strauss!

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