Food Allergy Part 1: A Family Perspective

Families with children who have multiple food allergies have major challenges navigating the world of food, something most of us don’t think twice about enjoying.  Parents often worry about accidental ingestions at school, birthday parties and restaurants. Children struggle to cope with feeling different and missing out on tasty treats. Clinical Pharmacist, Dr. Pameil Rawlings knows these challenges all too well. She has food allergies and so does her son. She is passionate about spreading food allergy awareness and empowering parents and kids to safely manage their food allergies. She wants you to know, “You’re not alone.”

This episode covers:

-Gibran’s story

-Their challenges with food allergies and the precautions they take to stay safe

-Coping with food allergies

-Seeing an allergist

-Medications used to treat allergic reactions to food

-Update on the epinephrine shortage

-How to utilize your pharmacist

Thanks, Dr. Pameil Rawlings, PharmD, MSMTM, CPh

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