48 hours post election, psychiatrist and author, Dr. Ayo Gathing wrote a piece for The Huffington Post titled, “Parenting in the Trump Era: How to prepare your child for racial and ethnic violence without ruining their innocence.” When asked what prompted the article, she explains “…The children were listening. They were listening to their parents. They were listening to the media. I started to hear a tone and a trend of these children and adolescents thinking it was o.k. to discuss racial tensions in an unhealthy way, to tease others about some of the things they heard Dr. Trump say…”With that Dr. Gathing offers amazing tips for the family to remain happy and healthy in the midst of this divisive climate.

Those hurtful and harmful words coming from children across the nation are yet another form of bullying.  Dr. Candice goes on to review the latest and alarming, bullying statistics. She and Dr. Gathing discuss the devastating affects of cyberbullying in teens and how to prevent and heal from the experience. Finally, they wrap up with advice on what to do if your child is bullied or is the bully.

Sit down and listen to this one with the whole family!  Role play to empower your child with effective tools against bullying. Continue to work hard and raise a child who does not bully.

Thanks, Dr. Ayo Gathing!

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