Episode 20: Navigating the School System

Quite frequently pediatricians have lengthy conversations with parents and students regarding difficulties in school. Whether it be learning or behavior related, the common denominator is all too often the lack of understanding in how to address the issues and get help. For this reason, Dr. Candice invites Ms. Rhoda Richardson, a school psychologist of over 13 years, to offer tips on navigating the school system.

This discussion empowers parents to ask for help, accept help, and know that they are an integral part of their child’s educational team. Ms. Richardson highlights the steps involved when a student has learning and/or behavior problems.  In addition, she  decodes the language of the school system’s services and special need accommodations, such as IEP, BIP and 504 plan.

This episode is sure to leave you better equipped to work within the school system and advocate for your child.  Thanks Ms. Rhoda Richardson!

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