Episode 2: Tis the Season: Cough, Colds, and the Flu

3 million people per year get the common cold. And its not unusual for a person to have a cold 5-6 times a year. General Pediatrician, Dr. Ted Kaplan, joins Dr. Candice for Episode 2 to discuss cough, colds and the Flu. They explain the basics of the common cold. Then provide tips for safe home management and advice on when to see the doctor.

Don’t miss the debunking of old school, common cold myths. Jot down the list of natural remedies for bothersome symptoms. And definitely share with others the strategies to prevent getting a cold. The Doctors wrap up the episode with a discussion on the Flu and special considerations.

Listen and feel equipped to handle whatever a cold throws your way!

Thanks, Dr. Ted Kaplan!

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