Drowning is a leading cause of death among children. It occurs more commonly in bathtubs for infants and swimming pools for children between one and four. No matter the cause, it is preventable. Shockingly, when surveyed, a large percentage of parents didn’t think that drowning was a possibility for their child.

Dr. Candice and Ms. Dawn Tapscott, a Certified ISR(Infant Swim Resource) Master Instructor discusses this danger for all children. They cover the importance of children learning to swim early, water safety tips, and drowning prevention skills. In this episode, you will learn about ISR swim techniques and if not available near you, what to look for in a good swim program. Finally, you have to hear the success stories of children saving themselves in the water.

Make sure to visit the ISR website for information on this particular swim method. Great videos and instructor locator. www.infantswim.com. Thanks Ms. Dawn Tapscott!

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