In recent years, there have been some unbelievable cases about young people and drug overdoses. I can’t forget the story of the college student who was found eating the face of his stabbed-to-death victim. How it took multiple officers to detain him and how he later fought for his life in the intensive care on a ventilator.

Doctor of Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicologist, Dr Alfred Aleguas, joins me again for Episode 16 to update us on scary new trends in drug use among teens and young adults. We discuss warning signs of drug abuse. Then suggest the steps to take when you suspect it.

So what are these popular drugs? K2, Spice, Molly, Flakka. Dr. Aleguas breaks down the specifics. While highlighting the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids, he states, “They could have bought the same product from the same place, same name for the last month and been fine but ….you have no idea what you’re buying and the compound changed. “

This episode is required listening! Thanks again, Dr. Aleguas! Listen to him on Episode 7: Poison Proof Your Home.

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Poison Control Center – 1-800-222-1222