Abdominal pain in childhood is common. One study shows that 38% of elementary school children complain of abdominal pain weekly with 90% of children reporting it at least once in a 6-month period.

Episode 14 of KIDing Around with Dr. Candice features Dr. Arvind Srinath, a pediatric Gastroenterologist who discusses functional abdominal pain, a chronic form of abdominal pain common in childhood and adolescence.

Dr. Srinath states, “Although (abdominal) pain whether it be chronic or recurrent is rather common, only about a quarter of kids actually have a cause that needs treatment. Most have pain not due to any structural problem, irritative condition or infection and that’s a good thing.”

Our discussion highlights red-flag signs and symptoms associated with abdominal pain that should alert you to get an evaluation by the primary care provider right away. Then we outline management strategies that can help improve this worrisome condition.

Make sure you have your pen and notepad ready for this show!

Special thanks to Dr. Arvind Srinath!

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