According to the CDC, over 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur each year in the U.S. contributing to over 35,000 deaths. For quite some time, the medical community has sound the alarm on bacterial resistance to antibiotics. It has urged both healthcare providers and patients to use antibiotics correctly.  The big deal is one day even our strongest medicines may not work.

Infectious disease specialist, Dr. Rana Hamdy joins me to discuss antibiotic stewardship as providers, parents, and patients.

The episode covers:

-Importance of antibiotics to the field of medicine

-Indications and known side effects of antibiotics

-What is antibiotic stewardship

-Role of parents in antibiotic stewardship

-Parents empowered to ensure antibiotics are necessary

Thanks, Rana Hamdy, MD, MPH, MSCE !

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