Don’t make the mistake to label Lucille O’Neal as “Shaq’s mom.” She will quickly tell you, “and Lateefah and Ayesha and Jamal.” And once you get to know her, you will realize that she is sooo much more. Dr. Lucille O’Neal is a powerhouse- a speaker, author, philanthropist and pastor.

Her life has been a journey which she shares in her book “Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go: From Mental Welfare to Mental Wealth.” She is not afraid to share the “good, bad and ugly” because she knows therein lies healing. She has helped so many to overcome and heal through her gift of honest and uplifting story telling. Make sure to add this book to your reading list and get ready to laugh, cry and say a whole lot of, “Amens.”

This episode covers:

-The inspirations behind the book

-Life lessons


-Her fave-being a grandma

-The Village

-Giving back

Thank You, Dr. Lucille O’Neal!

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Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go, by Lucille O’Neal. Also available on Amazon and Christian Books.

Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go

Odessa Chambliss Quality of Life Fund

The 9th Annual Faith and Fellowship Luncheon

Odessa Chambliss Center for Health Equity, Bethune-Cookman University