Ep. 33: Teens, tats and other body modifications

More teens are getting tattoos and piercings than ever before. This frenzy recently prompted the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to offer its first recommendations on body modifications so that parents and teens could be educated on the health risk and potential consequences of the trend. Pediatrician and coauthor of this report, Dr. David Levine is back to chat with Dr. Candice on the subject.

This episode covers:

-What is body modification?

-Methods of body modifications popular with teens

-What can go wrong, treatment and prevention?

-Nonsuicidal self-injury

-Societal views and potential consequences

Teens, take a listen before you get that tattoo or piercing and Parents before giving consent!

Thank You, Dr. David Levine!

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Adolescent and Young Adult Tattooing, Piercing and Scarification