Mindfulness practices like meditation help children to relax, focus and improve function.   It has been shown to enhance attention and behavior and even reduce physical ailments  such as headaches and high blood pressure.  Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends family meditation and mindfulness practices to be incorporated into daily lessons at school.

What is mindfulness you say?  Well, Dr. Candice discuses this and much more with Ali Smith, co-founder of the Holistic Life Foundation.  He defines it as “centering, awareness and presence….”and proclaims that it’s all about the breath.

This episode highlights:

-The Holistic Life Foundation, its’ founders and their humble beginnings

-Different ways to practice mindfulness

-Success of their mindfulness school-based programs

-Myths about meditation

-Tips on getting started

Be still, focus on the breath, be in the moment…….

Thank You, Ali Smith with Holistic Life Foundation, Inc.!

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