Youth violence is a pressing issue in our society. According to National Today, over 200,000 homicides occur annually worldwide among youth ages 10 to 29. Nearly 1,150,000 high school students experience an incident with a weapon at school. Approximately 90,000 school children end up in the emergency room. These are alarming stats.

However, there are proactive measures that communities can take to prevent youth violence, provide youth the opportunity to thrive in safe and supportive environments, and empower young people as agents of change in violence prevention efforts.

Violence prevention programs, such as the Credible Messengers of Florida do just that – promoting mentorship, leadership, and prosocial engagement for at-risk youth in Central Florida and beyond. On this episode, I discuss the program with founder, Coach Ruben Saldana, and other mentors – Leslie Riveria, Nuriyah Shabazz, and Louis Catoe.

We cover:

  • Root causes of youth violence
  • Violence prevention parenting strategies
  • Role of the Credible Messengers to address youth violence
  • Collective impact with the criminal justice system and community organizations

Thank you, Credible Messenger of Florida – Coach Ruben Saldana!

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