Ep. 111: What is Giftedness…?

Giftedness goes far beyond high intelligence; it encompasses a spectrum of exceptional abilities, including intellectual, creative, artistic, and leadership capacities. Yet despite remarkable abilities, gifted individuals may face various challenges requiring nuanced understanding and support. By acknowledging the strengths and challenges of gifted individuals and fostering environments that nurture their talents, we can empower them to make meaningful contributions to the world.

In this 3-part series on giftedness, school psychologist, Lauren Parker shares the complexities and nuances of gifted individuals, shedding light on their unique experiences, challenges, and the importance of nurturing their exceptional talents.

Part 1 of the series covers:

  • What is giftedness
  • Gifted stereotypes and myths
  • What is twice exceptional
  • How children are evaluated for giftedness
  • Why gifted matters

Lauren leaves us with a cliffhanger, thought-provoking question, “We are far quicker to retain kids or hold them back than we are to accelerate them or have them skip a grade. Why is that?” Stay tuned for part 2 of our series on giftedness to hear the answer!

Thank you, Lauren Parker!

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