There isn’t a child on the planet who won’t misbehave. All Children Misbehave. And remember adults, as children we did too. Misbehaving is part of growing up, developing, and can even help children learn.

However, some children exhibit behaviors that are harmful, disruptive, or a hinderance to reaching their fullest potential in life. For these behaviors, timely intervention is necessary. Not just stricter, harsher disciplinary practices but professional, evidence-based, healthy and effective, behavioral intervention. Applied Behavior Analysis is one such option.

LaTeisha Jackson, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and owner of FaTaj Transition and Learning Center, shares the world of ABA therapy and how it can help parents/caregivers manage challenging kid behaviors.

We discuss:

-What is ABA?

-Who can ABA help?

-What are the benefits of ABA?

-How does ABA work?

-Strategies parents can learn today!

-How to get started with ABA and navigate challenges?

Thank you LaTeisha Jackson, BCBA! 

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