Ep. 104: Easing Dental Fear in Kids

When it comes to taking care of little teeth, parents often face an uphill battle. Dentophobia, or the anxiety related to oral care and/or going to the dentist, is common among children and it has risks. In children, it can lead to delayed dental care with poor outcomes, such as untreated oral health conditions, early tooth loss, and improper dental development. In adults, the consequences include serious oral and systemic health problems such as, cavities, gum disease, poor self-esteem, diabetes, and heart disease. Therefore, easing dental fear and establishing regular, oral health practices are critical.

My guest, Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Nidhi Taneja, advises caregivers to start early and stay persistent with oral care at home. She practices mindful dentistry coaxing children with special needs or anxiety with her desensitization techniques and patient strategies.

We discuss:

  • Her minimally invasive approach to pediatric dentistry
  • Ways to ease dental fear in kids
  • Special considerations for kids with special needs, such as autism
  • Baby teeth myths and facts
  • Dos and don’ts of oral care in kids

Thank you, Dr. Nidhi Taneja

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