Childhood Vaccines: Answers to Parents’ Top Questions and Concerns

As a pediatrician and mom, I know that vaccines are safe, they work and they save lives. And for the most part, majority of parents believe the same. Still the anti-vaccine movement continues to grow spreading misinformation, doubt and fear around immunizations. So I interviewed expert Vaccinologist, Dr. Paul Offit to answer the most common questions and concerns parents have about childhood vaccines.
On trusting vaccine and vaccine makers, Dr. Offit says, “You don’t have to trust pharmaceutical companies. There is something in this country called the Vaccine Safety Datalink…Once a vaccine is put on the market…If there’s a problem with the vaccine, it will come up very quickly. So there’s no hiding.”
The episode covers:
-Historical perspective of why vaccines are so important
-Why a strong immune system is just not enough to fight off some infections
-The truth about making money and vaccines
-Alternative vaccine schedules
-Vaccine safety: what’s in them and why
-Do any vaccines cause autism
-Vaccine side effects and what to do
-Why saying yes to school vaccines but no to Flu and HPV is not the best decision
-Debunking vaccine myths
-Vaccine exemptions
Thanks, Dr. Offit!

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