5 Must Have Baby Things

Baby shower after baby shower, I gift the same things to expecting moms. I know it’s rather boring and unoriginal of me. But I think these items are absolutely necessary when caring for a baby.

Suction Bulb

You get one of these blue thingies along with your baby in the hospital. Keep it close because it can be life-saving to clear secretions if a baby is choking. Squeeze. Insert. Release.

Use gently. Being too rough or overzealous can cause bleeding and congestion. You may need help holding the head still initially. But with practice you will have it down pat, solo in no time.

Disclaimer: Change them out frequently because they can build up disgustingness inside.

Nasal Saline

As your baby grows, add this in and you will have a dynamic duo against nasal congestion in the newborn period, stuffiness from upper respiratory infections(colds), and clearing boogies. When needed, it’s ok to use frequently throughout the day.

Now your baby will hate this process. But we have to do what’s best for them, right. That is-help them breathe because they do so through their noses.


Pet peeve alert!

We all have seen someone checking to see if a child has a fever by placing their hand on the forehead. Trust me, a thermometer is waaaaay more accurate. You actually get a number. And it’s not so much that one number. It’s all the numbers during the illness which lets you know if things are getting better or worse(along with other symptoms). Temperature rising or diving?

Believe it or not, truly knowing if a child has a fever or not can help your doctor make the diagnosis. Teamwork!

Oh, I almost forgot…….A fever is temperature greater than 100.4.

Fever Reducer

Some children handle fever well. Yet others look really sick with a fever. Increase work of breathing. Panting. Lethargic. Less responsive. No appetite.

Using a fever reducer, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can help lower the temperature. When the fever comes down, your bright-eyed, bundle of energy usually comes bouncing right back! If not, it maybe time to call the doctor.

DO NOT give fever reducers to children under 2 months of age.  Seek medical attention instead.

Oral Electrolyte Solution

It’s very worrisome when your baby has vomiting and diarrhea. And frustrating to be told, it’s a viral illness and there’s  not much to be done other than waiting for the body to fight it off and giving supportive care.

However, the single, most important thing you should do is prevent dehydration. Give small amounts of clear fluids, frequently.  My go to clear fluid for babies is pedialyte(or a generic version).

You will know how well your baby is hydrated by monitoring the number of wet diapers.

So, don’t find yourself with a sick baby at 3am and these 5 items aren’t around. Keep a kit at home. In your baby bag. At grandma and grandpa’s house.

Be a boring gift-giver like me and share it with other mothers. They will thank you for it.