Psychiatrist, Dr. Dion Metzger joined me for Episode 12 to have a candid conversation on how to safely navigate technology, digital and social media with our kids.

I asked Dr. Metzger her thoughts on a 2014 UCLA study titled “Five days at outdoor education camp without screens improves preteen (6th graders) skills with nonverbal emotion cues.” She strongly replied, “I’m not surprised by the results of that study, that when they’re just so isolated into the media, it’s effecting how they interact with the outside world.”

Then we offered an age-by-age guide so that you and your family can reap the benefits but avoid the pitfalls of this growing past time that is surely here to stay. Here are the elements we touched on:

  •  0-3 years: Surprise! No. Not recommended.
  •  3-5 years: Limit screen time. Educational only. Supervise.
  •  6-12 years: Age appropriate. Establish rules. Discuss safety. Use parental controls and guidance ratings.
  •  Teens: Social media. Digital footprint. Cyberbullying. Sexting.

Now to hear the juicy details, you have to take a listen to Episode 12 😀

This episode also gives resources for kid-friendly search engines, apps, networks, and safety/parental control apps and trackers. Then finally, we highlight some dangerous apps for teens that should be avoided. Special thanks to Dr. Dion Metzger. She is a psychiatrist in Dunwoody, GA. She is a media health expert and coauthor of The Modern Trophy Wife, available in September, 2016.

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Y.T. Uhls et al. Five days at outdoor education camp without screens improves preteen skills with nonverbal emotion cues. Computers in Human Behavior 39 (2014) 387–392