A Giving Heart

This section serves to highlight the work of a particular organization focused on increasing healthy outcomes for children. Each donation can make an impact. I encourage you to visit, learn more and support their ongoing efforts.

“Homeless children are not hundreds or thousands of miles away in a far-off country; they are right here in our community. Although our local schools provide free breakfast and lunch, children often go hungry in the evenings, on the weekends, and during the summer break. Imagine going without food from lunch time today until breakfast tomorrow. Now imagine going without food from lunch on Friday until breakfast on Monday. No child should have to go hungry or worry about food!”

The Oranole Foundation is dedicated to “Removing Hunger as a Learning Barrier” by acting on the mission:  “All Children Having Access To Food Everyday.” It places food pantries in local schools and sustains them on a weekly basis. Currently, 12 schools serving over 5,500 children and their families have pantries supported by the Oranole Foundation.

Full disclaimer:  I am elated to have been a volunteer, executive board member for this trusted, 501(c) nonprofit organization.

So please do your part!   Donate today to help support local, school food pantries so that no student will go hungry and so that hunger has no affect on their learning!