If your child couldn’t see well, you would know right? Well, according to Dr. Lauretta Justin, “..about 10% of

preschoolers have vision or eye problems.  …..and it’s hard for them to tell the parent that something is

wrong. It’s so important that they get their eyes screened. It’s so important to their development in school and

lives in general.” She further explains the ongoing development of vision after birth until about 6 years old.

During this time early detection of vision problems is necessary to prevent longterm deficits.


On Episode 23, Dr. Candice chats with Dr. Justin to discuss the many ways you can protect your child’s vision.

When should children get their first eye exam? And how often do they need them?

They explain what it means for a child to be nearsighted, farsighted, or have a lazy eye.

Then the discussion focuses on preventing eye injuries which are all too common among children.

Finally, the show wraps up addressing common concerns and myths, such as blinking, sitting close to the TV,

reading in the dark, and blue light.


Find out if your child is among that 10%. The earlier, the better. Call for an eye exam today!


Thank You, Dr. Lauretta Justin!

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